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Box Office Update: ‘Raasta’ is on the brink of being done and dusted

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Its almost over for Sahir Lodhi’s ‘Raasta’.


‘Raasta’ opened to lackluster response on 31 March and went downhill all the way. Now after 10 days of release, the film is drawing its last breath. As just handful of shows are scheduled for ongoing week, it is safe to say that it will hardly survive the second week before it is done and dusted.

rasta-movie-trailerAs per unconfirmed, unverified sources, ‘Raasta’ has collected around 5.7 million (57 lac) so far in the run of 10 days. According to the prior report, its opening collections were close to 2.0 million (20 lac). Given that the film could add only 3.7 millions into its kitty after the dismal opening.

rasta-movie-trailerThis colossal failure is not surprising or unexpected at all, as the film received extremely bad word of mouth and scathing reviews from the critics. Despite such a poor performance of the film, Sahir Lodhi has already announced its sequel which is expected to hit cinemas in 2018.

As compared to other releases of the year, ‘Raasta’ did well than washouts ‘Thora Jee Lay’ and ‘Whistle’. Unfortunately, not a single film could do well on box office this year until now. Here is the tally of approximate collections of 2017 releases so far.

  • Thora Jee Le – 0.35 crore
  • Whistle – 0.05 crore
  • Balu Mahi – 2.5 to 3.0 crore
  • Raasta – 0.55 crore

rasta-movie-trailerIt needs to be mentioned that we are never pleased to announce failure of a film. We always wish every film good luck and want it to rock the box office. Perhaps, the real test of a film is done on the box office by the public, who is the real custodian of a film’s fate. If a film is good, it is highly probable that it will do well as well. Exceptions are everywhere. ‘Raasta’ was not an exception at all!

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