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Brands to buy half sleeve sweaters for men


As winter approaches some new seasonally specific wardrobe items may be needed. There is a natural need for sweaters and for a semiformal look half sleeved sweaters are a great addition. Half sleeved sweaters are mostly some form of a V-neck shape, some are deeper necks while others are just a slight V. How it looks is a matter of the overall cut and also what depth of neck has been paired with what other clothing.

In the past 5 to 7 years Pakistan has seen a lot of growth in the garment sector, with a lot of new brands being introduced to the market. There have been many that are making clothes in the western style, something that is pretty common in our lifestyle. Especially for work environments, most people wear western attire as it is considered more proper or formal.
One would be somewhat spoilt for choice, so we have picked five brands that have half sleeved sweaters for you to purchase. The styles vary between the brands giving you a lot to peruse. Our choices are:

  1. Charcoal
    Charcoal’s catchphrase is ‘look sharp – live smart’, true to this line they have sleek designs. This is something one can see in their entire collection which includes various kinds of shirts, pants and also caters to the suiting segment. Charcoal has been around since 2008, building a base since then and an ever-growing customer base.
    Half sleeved sweaters are also something that Charcoal has a range of. There aren’t too many options but they are ample for one’s winter needs. The cut is slim, with the V-neck at a shorter length; this kind of collar seems more relevant with the time. Charcoal sweaters collections also has a half-sleeved cardigan option with a pattern that is similar to the classic herringbone.
    As for colour options the range includes maroon, grey, navy, light brown and bottle green. The shade of bottle green is a bit deeper than it needed to be. The quality of the sweaters from Charcoal is good and they are available for relatively affordable prices due to discounts.
  2. Uniworth
    Around the 1970s there were barely any brands that were catering to the western style of clothing, it was either imports or just a lot of bespoke tailors, which can both be too costly. Uniworth saw this as an opportunity and was established in 1971. The brand is essentially a one-stop for a man’s entire wardrobe. They have a casual side as well as formal wear, giving customers plenty of variety.
    Uniworth has a winterwear segment that also houses some half sleeved sweaters. More of the options are sleeveless cardigans, while the rest are simple sweaters. The necks are V-shaped and not too deep, with the edges of the neck being somewhat thicker with a lined weave; something that is more old-school.
    Even the colour palette is relatively old-school, making Uniworth a brand that is more often worn by an older generation. The colours include black, grey, khaki, crimson, chocolate and teal. With the teal being the most standout colour as all the others are very regular colours.
  3. Brumano
    Based out of Hyderabad in Sindh, Brumano is a brand that is targeting the modern aesthetic of a ‘dapper’ man. Covering all the wardrobe needs of the modern man. Brumano’s collection includes various kinds of shirts and pants, blazers, waistcoats and winterwear. There is an evident level of quality stitching and cuts, the finish is very clean due to this.
    The winterwear section also has options for sleeveless sweaters. These sweaters have a slight variation in knit, there is a simple and plain option, as well as a ‘cable knit’. The cable knit is a classic style which has been around for about a century but is still a relevant design. It can be traced back to the Aran Islands, a cold region that needed thicker knitting patterns to battle the cold better. Brumano has integrated this style into their sleeveless sweaters.
    The V-shaped necks are not too deep, so ones shirt collar can be seen properly, along with a tie if one is wearing it. There are also two options that are half sleeved cardigans, in case one wants a button-down option. For colours the brand has chosen some funky and some more that are sober. The funky would be a salmon pink and a royal blue, both of which are quite bright. The other colours include beige, charcoal, some blues and an auburn.
  4. Gul Ahmed
    A leading textile brand that has branched into making apparel as well. Gul Ahmed has started in the early 1900s, giving the brand an exemplary level of experience. The brand’s age and the fact that they are still one of the most relevant brands in Pakistan today speaks volumes of their quality. One can find all kinds of clothes at Gul Ahmed, catering to the winter weather as well.
    Gul Ahmed has a simpler range with designs that are based on an older style. Their V-neck half sleeved sweaters have a central contrast line running along the V and also the arm-hole ridges. The line colour varies depending on what the rest of the sweater’s colour is. There is also some mix in knitting but most are simple knits.
    The colour range is red, black, blues, browns, lime and grey. The shades are generally sober ones, except for the red option which is a bright shade.
  5. Cougar
    Catering to a trendy and urban style, Cougar is another Pakistani brand that has a complete wardrobe range. The design profile is clearly targeting a younger demographic that is very taken by the semi-casual style that is common today. Cougar’s collection includes various kinds of shits and pants, jackets, blazers, hoodies, shoes and sweaters.
    Among the sweaters, one can also find half sleeved sweaters that are really varied in design. Unlike other brands that create diversity by producing similar designs but different colours, Cougar has multiple patterns that stand out. This includes a Prussian, Tortilla, Sangria pattern. There is also an Oxford inspired option.
    Cougar has opted for blues, beige, black and one option that is a pumpkin colour. This last one is probably the most colourful choice the brand has to offer. The necks are all V-shaped and are not too deep, but are enough for ones collared shirt to shine through.
    What to choose
    There are so many options between just these 5 brands that one could find it hard to pick. There is an added advantage that all these brands are priced in a manner that one can pick options from multiple brands. That will give the best kind of diversity as between brands the style and cut are obviously different.
    One needs only a few colours and then they could match them with many clothes. So essentially it is a matter of what is needed and also what your budget for sweaters is for this season.

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