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Briana DeJesus wants to marry Javi Marroquin

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Briana DeJesus either has seriously conflicting feelings toward Javi Marroquin


Rumors that Briana and Javi are dating have been circulating for months, and DeJesus seems to be deriving a lot pleasure from keeping both Kailyn and the public in the dark.

So are she and Javi really in a long-distance relationship?

Is this all just an elaborate ploy to mess with Kailyn’s mind?

Does Briana actually want to marry Javi?!

Join us as we answer these questions and more in our investigation of Teen Mom 2‘s most unexpected love triangle:

Are Javi and Briana really dating, or are they just pretending to be in love in order to mess with Kailyn Lowry? To answer that question, we need to delve into the history of Bri and Kail’s relationship

Briana just joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 last season. Her co-stars were said to be less than thrilled with MTV’s decision to add a fifth mom to the roster.

Bri got her start on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. So both viewers and co-stars were familiar with her past … and her ability to create drama.

Insiders who were familiar with the situation claimed that Kailyn was one of the only moms who DIDN’T hate Briana. How times have changed!

Last year, Kailyn and Briana both underwent Brazilian butt lift procedures performed by the same doctor. Fans have cited this fact as evidence of their close friendship, but Kail says it was just a coincidence.

So it sounds like Kail and Bri knew each other, got along, but didn’t have particularly strong feelings about one another either way. That all changed when Bri got to know Javi …


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