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Bushra Ansari angry at critics of Pakistani dramas


Bushra Ansari, a senior actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry. She took a class on social media to criticize the characters of Pakistani dramas and called them ‘corona’ in life.

On the social networking site Instagram, a woman was arrogantly criticizing the characters of Pakistani dramas through a video. Reacting to the videos of this woman, Bushra Ansari also shared a post which she later deleted.

In his post, Bushra Ansari made it clear that at a time. When it is difficult everywhere, the people of the drama industry are also facing difficulties.

She wrote that low-class people make bad comments on our dramas and criticize the hard work and talents of the artists. Do such people have an idea of ​​the ups and downs of this industry?

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari also wrote in her long post. She is unable to understand why people are watching this woman’s Pando style commentary show.

She wrote that destroying one’s honor and integrity is a grave sin. If you really don’t like a play. It’s up to you not to watch it, but it’s very rare to criticize someone’s hard work in this way.

The senior actress wrote that she believes that when people have nothing to do, they start to be jealous of those who are doing something in their field.

She wrote that such people are the corona in our lives, God willing, God will soon eliminate them.

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