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Bushra Ansari in First Women’s Confress


On the last day of the “First Woman Conference” held at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the session was held with Bushra Ansari, the lead actor Yasir Hussain.

Renowned actress Bushra Ansari complained about the poor attendance of her life, saying that women are doing better in all walks of life at present, whereas in our time it was not possible. There has been considerable improvement for women in the present period. Due to lack of education and awareness, a section of women is still denied the right to work outside.

He said that the industry benefited from the radio broadcast of Radio Pakistan’s lottery people and in the near future, Pakistan Television has presented many proud programs to its audience.

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Bushra said that the media needs to focus and work in the present era. Social media is causing a deterioration in the society.

He said that during the meeting with Queen Tarnam Noor Jah, I have the privilege of singing her songs. The neighboring country could not do the film due to the Paloma attack. Couldn’t film in the past due to family pressure but now playing only mother role.

The well-known artist said that music is still my first love. In childhood, my father used to sing songs. Dad’s music fondness can be gauged by the fact that he has a singing teacher at home for his mother.

Bashari Ansari said that working with Anwar Maqsood gave him an opportunity to learn a lot. It is difficult to compare an artist like Moeen Akhtar with the other, it is not right to compare them with any other. Qazi Wajid has always guided me. His words still remain in my mind.

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