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Cameron Diaz reveals that she never washed her face


The Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, who rose to fame with the hit movie ‘The Mask’. She has revealed something that has caught the attention of fans.

Cameron Diaz

The Famous American star Cameron Diaz has revealed on her Instagram account that she has never washed his face, especially since she left Hollywood. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Cmeron Diaz

She made the revelation in an interview with the Rollbreakers program, the details of which have also been published in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. Diaz said Hollywood is a “trap” of greed. I have escaped this trap since I got married in 2015.

Cameron Diaz

She said she turned down an offer of 100 million to work in Hollywood movies.

Cameron Diaz

“I’m almost 50 years old and my focus is not on my looks but on keeping myself strong,” Diaz said. The actress said that she has old skin care products on the shelf but now she is stuck on them.

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