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Campaign against violence Mahira became part of it.


Actress Mahira Khan joins campaign Commonwealth (Commonwealth) team. Against sexual harassment and violence against women and children.

Mahira Khan part of the Campaign against Women Violence:

Mahira Khan share a video on her Instagram account. Yesterday in which she share the news part of the Commonwealth team on violence against women and girls. Saying that she was “with Nomore (and not) with the Commonwealth.” “It simply came to our notice then. Sexual harassment, domestic violence and no. One in three women worldwide suffers from these problems. We all have to come forward and stand up to these issues.

These problems have been exacerbated by the lockdown cause by the Covid 19 epidemic. And we have an increase in these incidents of violence during the lockdown,” said Mahira Khan. We can all do the right thing and we should. For a long time our society did not take enough steps to deal with this problem. Please join us. Talk openly about this issue.

Mahira Khan Saying:

In the caption with the video, Mahira Khan talks about the abuse, violence and harassment of women, children, girls and boys. Saying that now we have to take action because the roots of the problems have become very strong. This is the mindset that needs to be address. Shame on all those who commit crimes. We should be shame of the people. Who are constantly silent. We need to change the curriculum. We need to rethink our statements in dramas and movies. Join us.

“Violence against women and girls (in many cases against children and men as well) is a hidden epidemic that destroys lives, society and the world economy,” she added. The horrific accident on the motorway points to that.

Mahira Khan wrote about the campaign that in response to the global crisis. The Commonwealth and Nomore Organization has launched a digital portal on September 9 with the hashtag “Commonwealth as Nomore” which covers 54 countries in the Commonwealth. To provide resources and support to end domestic and sexual violence against women and girls.

Mahira Khan Instagram Post:

It should be note that the Commonwealth and the No More Foundation have launch a new campaign. Against domestic and physical violence in 54 countries around the world. It aims to effectively curb the dramatic increase in sexual and domestic violence caused by Covid 19. Commonwealth members include 54 countries in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific.

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