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Cardi B took troll fans for asking about her race.


Cardi B took to Social Media to savage fans getting some information about her race.

On April 18, Cardi B responded to the top songs debut worldwide rundown on Spotify as her new element on “Shake It” including Bory300 by Kay Flock and Dougie B. The response lead to a fan posing an inquiry about her race.

Cardi B

Quoting the tweet, the fan wrote, “girl are u black” to which Cardi sarcastically tweeted, “No…..I’m Irish and Yugoslavian.” Many fans found the rapper’s tweets amusing.

Cardi B

Another Twitter user responded to Cardi B’s tweet.

Cardi B

“I find it so weird that you’ve never answered this question out right. Everytime Someone ask you about race you start giving nationalities and/or making jokes. Can’t even say I’m black’ but can yell ‘N****’ in Every song with ease,” the user wrote.

Cardi B

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