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Bollywood & Hollywood stars in one frame

The bond between the Hollywood and the Bollywood is not new. And with more and more Hollywood stars visiting India and Indian actors going abroad for various projects. It can be said that the age-old bond has just grown stronger. In an

Idris Elba also infected by Corona Virus

Hollywood singer and actor Idris Elba was diagnosed with the Corona virus. On social networking site Twitter. They shared a video message based on 2 minutes and 8 seconds in which their wife, Sabrina, is also appearing. This morning

Olga Kurylenko also infected by Corona Virus

Olga Kurylenko, the heroine of the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, also fell victim to Corona. In her Instagram post, the actress of the Jimmy Bond film Quantum of Solace confirmed the news, saying that she had confined herself to

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