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CBFC Approves Deepika Padukone’s Virgin’ Line

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On August 25 Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) told that if he wanted his upcoming film ‘Finding Fanny’, to be passed with a UA certificate he’d have to snip off a ‘vulgar’ line in which leading lady Deepika Padukone tells Arjun Kapoor “I am a virgin.”

Now it has learnt that the line has been cleared by Chairperson of the CBFC Leela Samson and is back in the film.

Confirming the news a relieved and elated Homi said, “When we went for the Hindi dub we sent a mail to Leela Samson stating our case. We were not objecting to the cut we were just confused by the contradictory action because the line had been passed earlier in the trailers. We wanted some clarity on the issue. She agreed with us that if it had been passed earlier continuation should be maintained. It’s a positive sign.”

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