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CCPO Lahore slam by Ersa Bilgic for his statement.


Motorway incident and all other mournful incidents of sexual harassments that took place few days back shook us all from the core. Motorway incident was the biggest tragedy in it self and the CCPO Lahore’s statement work as an icing on the cake. Women of our country are already scared and instead of assuring them that police will do everything to make this country safe for them. CCPO Lahore said that the woman who was harass at motorway shouldn’t have chosen that road.

CCPO Lahore face immense criticism. After making 2 or 3 similar statements. He said that if anybody took his statement in wrong light he is sorry for that.

Here’s what Esra have to say on this matter:

Esra Bilgic The Turkish star who is very famous in Pakistan as well. Because of her work in series Drilis Ertugrul just came across the statement of CCPO Lahore. And took social networking website Instagram to give a reply to him.

Ersabilgic slammed ccpo lahore

All Esra said was everything that a women can say with dejection. Because our protectors are busy in victim blaming. Rather that providing a country which is secure enough to produce any victim.

Ersa gives such a slamming answer to the CCPO LHR. Below is the screenshots of the Instagram story of Esra Bilgic.

Have you read out the story captions above. That how cheap is the thinking of our CCPO LHR. How much negativity is in our country. They just only blame a women for all the reasons. Which is the wrong one. Instead of hanging the rapist. He is blaming the woman which was driving on the motorway. We should always think of positive things. Because only the positivity will lead us to the right things. And the right path. Only in that case our country will lead towards prosperity.

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