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Celebrities’ good expectations for 2019.


Celebrities express good hopes for 2019. Showbiz related people including actors, producers and other professionals engaged in this field have expressed good expectations for the current year of 2019. They have expressed their hope that the year will be proved better than the previous one. It appears that such expectations and hopes are not only traditional or formal but actually real and realistic because of the following two reasons:

 First, experience gained from the past events generates more good ideas for the future work and the ideas are the core factor for all the physical and mental tasks.  Therefore the experience of the past will certainly make the matters better in the future. Secondly, technology has made more advancement also in showbiz related fields such as development of better hard wares, soft wares, cameras and other equipments and machineries etc. This progress will certainly beneficial for carrying out better technical tasks. Keeping in view these facts, several showbiz personalities have expressed their good expectations about this new year of 2019.

Senior actress Reema khan says Pakistan is my identity. I go any where people know me with reference to Pakistan which is a proud for me. I worked hard in the best part of my life in this country which proved very fruit oriented. People acknowledge it and give me love and respect.

 Actor Shan Shahid says it is the time of reviewing the policies by all of us as well as by our all policy makers for future planning. I am hopeful for the progress in the future.

Ali Zafar at the launch of 'Nakhriley' song from Kill Dil.jpg

 Singer Ali Zafar has said I say to everyone a happy new year. People of entire world, celebrate the event of coming the new year and review their future planning for the betterment of the country and the nation.

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