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Celebrities Joined their Hands For Noble Cause.


“Dettol” and “Hoga Saaf Pakistan” present a safety anthem with an amazing initiative this Independence Day. 

As the limitations get lifted around us. Yet the duty on every single one of us isn’t finish at the point. Everything has opened up to help the economy but the threat is not over. 

Life is coming back to normal so it’s very important for us. To follow the necessary precautions and to continue maintaining social distancing.

The duty of keeping Pakistan protected and healthy become more important. The famous celebrities stand united in helping a healthier and safer Pakistan!

On this day, lets pledge to keep following those great cleanliness propensities. That we strictly followed in these previous months of hardship.

Teach people around you about basic hygiene rules. Make them responsible citizens.

Kyunke tere mere haathon se hoga safe Pakistan!

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