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Celebrity Reaction On Noman Ijaz Statement


Noman Ijaz landed himself in hot waters. When he openly said that he cheats on his wife with multiple women. While talking about his acting skills, he said that he is such a great actor. That’s why his wife didn’t get to know about his affairs. In his statement, he also share that #MeToo movement is just because we are going away from Islam. Many celebrity wrote about Nouman Ijaz for making such statements.

Well, his video clips went viral. And people bash him for his statements. Many celebrity came out to share their opinions. And one of them is Syeda Bushra Iqbal who is an Islamic scholar and ex-wife of Aamir Liaquat.

In multiple tweets, she called out Noman Ijaz for his statements. She said that, “Yeh woh log hain jo dramas main hero bantey hain, jo dusron ke liye inspiration hotey hain role model hotey hain, lekin jab inki haqeeqat khulti hai toh sab bar aks hota hai. Apni barson ki izzat ko malyamait kar lety hain apni bachkana soch se. Afsos. Agar yeh sarcasm tha tou bhi sahi nahi hai kyonki apke fans aur followers is se hurt hue hain. Actors ko inspirational guftgu karni chahye jo acha asar chhorey. May Allah Pak give us all hidayah. Aameen.”

Here are tweets by Bushra Iqbal:

Sharmila Farooqi couldn’t tolerate Noman Ijaz’s statements. And she also bash him for cheating on his wife and proud of it.

Here is Sharmila Faroqi tweet:

Atiqa Odho, among the greatest celebrity who is a close friend of Noman Ijaz came out in support. And appreciate him for joking about infidelity. She went on to praise her friend for naughty and entertaining. She also request to the people not to judge someone so quickly. And advise them to watch the complete interview. Before jumping into an unfair conclusion.

“My dear friend @naumaanijazofficial. You really know how to get people’s attention! Trust you to joke about infidelity. And people start to take it all so seriously. Great way to get their attention. Hats off to my buddy Rabia for also laughing it off knowing her husband loves to poke people’s imagination. You are so naughty and entertaining. Never a dull moment on and off screen.

Anyway, just keep smiling and exposing others petty mindedness. Shame that they can so quickly judge you on a light hearted moment on camera and disregard your years of service in the entertainment industry. Look ahead my friend and continue on your path of success as always. Stay blessed.People should look up the complete interview link and watch it to understand this clip otherwise everyone is being very unfair by jumping to conclusions and judging him,” Atiqa Odho said.

Actress Fatima Sohail also spoke up about this matter. And taking to her Instagram story she share Bushra Iqbal’s post. And also call out Noman Ijaz for cheating on his wife.

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