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According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, after the Censor Board members were reportedly divided on the certification of Anushka Sharma’s NH10, the producers took the film to the Revising Committee who watched the film and cleared it with an ‘A’ certificate. “NH10 has been passed with a few audio cuts and a video cut that does not damage the film at all. They saw it completely in context and even appreciated it. It was a very reassuring revising committee,” said Anurag Kashyap, who has co-produced the film with Anushka.NH10 is the story of a woman’s revenge, is peppered with expletives and gore. CBFC CEO, Shravan Kimar, points out that the idea is to disseminate information through the process of certification to a cinema loving population about the film’s content so it will facilitate the choices they make. “The idea is not to curb the creative freedom of the filmmaker,” he maintained.

While the Censor Board was accommodating when it came to the expletives used inNH10, the skin show in Fifty Shades Of Grey was perhaps a tad too much for them…

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