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Certainly not their fashion forte

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LAHORE: The season has witnessed an influx of designer lawns and, up until last month, every other day saw the launch of a new range. After the umpteenth lawn launch and with some not offering value for money, it’s easy to forget the ones aren’t stellar, which means that designers have to really step up their game to gain a spot at the fashion forefront. Asifa & Nabeel, who have earned themselves a loyal clientele for their formals and bridals, launched their first lawn line at the Pakistan Fashion Design Council on May 20.

Entering a showcase by Asifa & Nabeel, who come equipped with an understanding of Lahori clientele, expectations inadvertently ran high. Unfortunately, the collection, which comprised nine designs with a pattern-overkill, was a major letdown. The prints were too busy with little focus on the intricacy of the prints. From the multiple borders to lace-laden necklines to floral frenzy, there was too much happening within one outfit to make it cohesive. The material used for the shirt and bottoms seemed fine, but the dupattas were of flimsy crepe material, which looked like it’d rip at the slightest tug.

The colour palette for the prints, however, was comprehensive, ranging from vibrant colours to pastels, such as pink and green, for outfits that can be worn both in the day and night. Coming from a seasoned design team with a strong commercial backbone, the collection remained a sore disappointment. The emerald green and blue print that Asifa wore herself at the launch was striking, but if you plan on investing in the outfits, the best way to wear them would be to break up the three-piece suit and make at least two outfits out of the fabric.

Asifa & Nabeel have earned themselves a loyal clientele for their formals and bridals. The fashion label is especially popular with many Lahoris as it satiates their penchant for heavy embellishments and flamboyant ensembles. This has garnered commercial success for the designer duo, something that was apparent with the turnout at the launch.

The brand launched their range much later than their contemporaries, and just as the summer becomes increasingly sweltering. “We waited out the lawn mania to launch our range because the market had been inundated at the time. Eid is coming up soon and women might want to pick up something for it, so we felt this was the perfect time to launch our collection,” they share. The price tag for the lawn ranges from Rs5,900 to Rs6,900 and is available at Mall 1 and the Asifa & Nabeel studio in Y Block, Defence.

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