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Children of most veteran artists shun showbiz, find future in other fields

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LAHORE – People always wish to see the children of their beloved artists on the screen however; many of them did not paved their way in showbiz and instead made their future in other fields.

Santosh Kumar’s children from his first and second wife are living in Pakistan and US respectively and have no link with showbiz however; his granddaughter have recently acted in ‘Chain Na Aye’.

Darpan and Nayyar Sultana’s children are living abroad whereas Lala Sudheer’s children also did not stepped into showbiz except one, Mir Zaman, but he also left the field later.

Only one daughter of Noor Jehan, late Zil-e-Huma adopted singing while her grandson Ali Ahmed Butt and granddaughter Sonia Jehan are in the acting field.

Musarrat Nazeer, Mazhar Shah, Ilyas Kashmiri, Allaudin, Zeba, Nadeem, Rani, Shabnam, Sangeeta and Anjuman also have none of their children in showbiz as they are either running their own business or employed in other fields.

Neelo’s son Shaan Shahid is a superstar whereas the other Aijaz Shahid was not able to make his place in movies.

Akmal’s son is an actor and still related to showbiz industry.

Inayat Hussain Bhatti’s son Waseem Abbas is renowned TV actor however; his second son was not able to garner any success in movies.

Kaifi’s one son Asad is in acting field whereas second son left it after being not able to make any mark.

One of Sultan Rahi’s son is acting in TV dramas whereas the other left showbiz after being unsuccessful.

Asia’s son is a director and daughter is a producer in Canada and make documentary films.

Rangeela’s daughter Farah Deeba is a politician whereas two of his sons Kamran and Jahanzaib acted in some films.

Waheed Murad’s son Adil, Mustafa Qureshi’s son Amir and Javed Sheikh’s son Shehzad and daughter Momal are actors in films and movies.

Deeba’s son Imran Rizvi and daughter Madeeha Rizvi are related to showbiz industry whereas Nisho’s daughter Sahiba and son Hamza are also actors.

Durdana Rehman’s daughter Maham is a singer while Rozina’s daughter Saima is a TV actress.

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