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Chris Hemsworth moved to Australia to have normal family life


Chris Hemsworth might be one of the greatest stars of Hollywood, however the performing artist chose to move his family back to Australia so they can have an existence out of the spotlight, with a tiny bit of commonality.

The 32-year-old “Thor” star said it gets to be choking to be in broad daylight eye constantly, reported E! on the web.

“I adore what I do as a performing artist, yet when you are encompassed by it always, it turns into somewhat choking. It’s decent to have discussions with individuals and be a part of a group that doesn’t live and inhale that world,” Hemsworth said.

“We were living shoulder to bear in suburbia and suspected that is not how we need our children to grow up. Moving to a sort of homestead setup back here on the coast in Australia has been the best thing,” he included.

Hemsworth, who has three kids with wife Elsa Pataky, said having youngsters offered him some assistance with stepping out of the “self-ingested world” of acting.

“It’s no more about me, which is entirely invigorating. Once the children arrived, I was similar to, ‘Stunning, this is the thing that life is about.’,” he said.

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