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British High Commissioner Christian Turner recommend Asma-ul-Husna


Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan. After the famous Qawwali ‘Tajdar Haram’ in the charming voice of Atif Aslam. Now declared 99 names of Allah Almighty ‘Asma-ul-Hasani’ as his favourite.

On micro-blogging site, Twitter. British High Commissioner Christian Turner also shared a YouTube link of Atif Aslam’s beautiful recitation of 99 names of Allah Almighty. ‘Asma-ul-Hasana’.

Christian Turner also wrote in his tweet addressing Atif Aslam that “I have been suggested by my Pakistani friend to listen to ‘Asma-ul-Hasani’ in the beautiful voice of Atif Aslam.”

“In these difficult times, these 99 names are also the hope of healing and good days,” he wrote.

Earlier, Christian Turner had favoured Atif Aslam’s Qawwali ‘Tajdar Haram’.

He also wrote in his tweet that “a colleague suggested him to listen to the Qawwali ‘Tajdar Haram’ in the voice of Atif Aslam which he enjoyed very much.

It may be recalled that Atif Aslam, in his mesmerizing voice after the call to prayer, has now recited 99 names of Allah Almighty ‘Asma-ul-Hasani’ in the holy month of Ramadan in consultation with Coke Studio, which has also brought compassion to every listener.

In this regard, Atif Aslam wrote on Twitter yesterday. In solidarity with humanity in this difficult time of coronavirus. I have read ‘Asma-ul-Hasani’ for all of you together with Coke Studio in the hope of good days.”

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