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Christopher Lee and Amitabh Bachchan played golf together once. It was ‘wonderful’

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Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan took to his online blog to recall the ‘wonderful’ moment he shared with Hollywood legend Christopher Lee in South Africa.

Mr Bachchan who met the veteran actor in South Africa said Sir Christopher was a great company.

He began with praises for the legendary actor, writing “Christopher Lee, a giant of an artist… one that immortalised the Count Dracula in those horror movies… a gentle giant in reality… simple considerate and caring…”

He went on to describe how they met in South Africa during the Miss World Contest and ended up playing golf together.

“Some years ago I was invited to be on the Jury for the Miss World Contest, in South Africa, soon after the year after our own Miss World debacle in ABCL. Sir Christopher Lee was on the panel of judges with us, and I remember the wonderful time spent with him during the contest.”

The Bollywood star recollected the moment when they spent the day playing golf together.

“He was great company… played a few rounds of golf with him during the off moments, a proficient golfer with a handsome handicap…,” he shared.

“A few years later I got a note from him that he was on his way to India to film… a chapter in the history of pre independent India… he was playing Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan… I was travelling and could not respond to him… sad that I missed his company and the opportunity to host him here in Mumbai… and today he has left this world .. prayers and peace in condolence!” the actor wrote, seemingly apologetic about not having met the Hollywood actor when the opportunity had arisen.

Christopher Lee, 93, died on Sunday after being hospitalised for respiratory problems and heart failure in a London hospital. However, the news reached media late because Lady Lee wished to break the news to family and friends.

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