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Churails Special Whisper Challenge and Interview.


About Churail

Churails is a 2020 Pakistani drama web series for Zindagi Original. It is written and directed by Asim Abbasi. The web series stare Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Nimra Bucha and Yasra Rizvi in lead roles. It is produced by Asim Abbasi along with Mo Azmi and Shailja Kejriwal. It revolves around Karachi’s secret detectives. Whose mission it is to expose the city’s unfaithful, elite husbands. It became available for streaming on OTT platform Zee5 on 11 August 2020.

The series focuses on the lives of four women. Sara (Sarwat Gilani), a lawyer that gave her career up to be the “perfect wife”. Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi), a wedding planner, Zubaida (Mehar Bano), a boxer seeking independence and love. And Batool (Nimra Bucha), an ex-convict who was sentenced to twenty years in prison for murder.

Their lives become intertwined when Sara discovers her husband cheating on her. After which the four decide to set up an agency to catch cheating husbands in action. They run this agency covertly under the guise of a retail burka store called “Halal Designs”. And call themselves Churails. When one of them goes missing. Their investigation leads them to something much bigger than themselves, dominated by Karachi’s most powerful.

Churails Whisper Challenge.

The four of the churails invited in fuchsia. Where they were given interview. And also they did an amazing whisper challenge. This challenge is mainly some dialogues from taken from their web series. From mainly the 1st episode. The one has to put head phones on ear. And the other has to speak. Afterwards the head phone when tell what that person has spoken.

It is really a fun game. The churails has did this challenge very well. You can see in the video how much supporting they were to each other. They did this challenge with great enthusiasm. With fun and entertainment.

Watch out this video:

Here is the interview also. You will see how much maturity and emotions. They all has putted in it. In this interview each of the churail has describe their character in detail. This series is mainly reflection on woman rights. They work for catching the cheating husbands. And a lot of more gossips they did in the interview related to this series.

Watch and find out.

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