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Coke Studio 2020 started with new song “Na Tutteya ve”


Fans of Coke Studio around the world, including in Pakistan. They have been eagerly awaiting this year’s season and now their wait is over.

Yesterday, ‘Coke Studio 2020’ started with the beautiful song ‘Na Tutteya Way’. Which is specially presented for women.

Meesha Shafi

Furthermore, The song has been sung by singers Mesha Shafi, Sanam Marvi. Fareeha Pervaiz, Zara Madni, Wajiha Naqvi and also Sehar Gul. While Mesha Shafi has also done a great rap at the end of the song.

Sanam Marvi

Shuja Haider and Asim Raza have also composed the lyrics of the song ‘Na Tutteya Way’. Which is also being well appreciated by the fans.

Shuja Haider

In the first episode of Cook Studio 2020. Apart from ‘Na Tutteya Way’, 2 more songs have also been released, including ‘Dil Khidki’ and ‘Jag Rahi’.

Cook Studio 2020 will be the shortest of all previous seasons. Similarly, It will release 12 songs in about a month and a half.

Coke Studio

Cook Studio 2020 is also being delivered by Vital Signs part Rohail Hayat. While just unique melodies will be played out this season.

Rohail Hayat

As a record maker, Rohail Hyatt is to a great extent credited with assisting shape With spearheading Western-style rock and popular kinds in Pakistan’s music industry.

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