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Comedian Iftikhar Qaisar severe illness


Pakistan Television Comedian Iftikhar Qaisar suffer severe illness. Are deprived of treatment due to lack of money.

PESHAWAR (Web Desk) Iftikhar Qaisar artistic career of over 45 years from Peshawar. In 1971, Iftikhar Qaisar associated with Pakistan Television in Urdu, Pashto and Hindko show your art essence of dramas. I speak Hindko language while using well-known comedy program known as Ray Qaisar in bed sick the moon for several months to gain popularity not speak phrases. Iftikhar Qaisar Pride of Performance was also as recognition of their technical services last year.

Iftikhar QaisarIftikhar Qaisar finances due to illness and even do not even have to get treatment right loan. Actors and artist’s government declared a Heritage is unaware of the plight of the people associated with art. Four decades of ill Iftikhar Qaisar bring smiles to people’s faces today that they are seeking the attention of your loved ones as well as the government.

He has earned widespread popularity for his versatility and complete mastery over art of performance. “I have been suffering from diabetes and stomach disorder for the last several years but my condition got worsened since November this year. Today, doctors conducted my complete medical checkup and advised me home rest for the time being.

I appeal to my well-wishers and fans to pray for my early recovery and good health,” said Mr Qaiser.

He said that financial condition of most artists in the province was not satisfactory and the authorities concerned should take notice of it.


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