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Complete Story Behind #MangniMubarakHania.


Social media can make or break a person complete. And we have seen how unexpected things get fame. Similarly, the latest hashtag #MangniMubarakHania was trending on Twitter. Meanwhile everyone thought its about engagement news of actress Hania Aamir.

However, the background story is completely different. Therefore this hashtag was started by a group of friends to wish their friend Hania on her engagement. But people misunderstood and thought it’s about Hania Aamir. One after another, people started joining in and congratulate her. But actually it was not that Hania which people were thinking of. Therefore after watching the trend. Therefore she just upload her response regarding this. To watch her video scroll down and read all the scenario.

Therefore there was a complete flood of tweets some tweeted to congratulate Hania Aamir. Meanwhile others were confuse about the whole scenario.

Here is the public reaction:

Actual background:

Therefore Hania Aamir has finally responded to this trend complete. In a video, she said, “So for the past two days my Twitter notifications have exploding. And last night I was talking to my friend and said to her that. I am receiving so many notifications. But I won’t check because I haven’t done anything lately.”

She further said, “In the morning I decided to see what’s happening. And I saw #MangniMubarakHania was trending on Twitter from yesterday. And at one point it was a top trend. I am amaze and I would like to thank everybody for congratulating me. Thank you very much, I am very happy. You guys never fail to surprise me!”

Here is the video of Hania:

Have you guys watch out the video? Did you find it interesting or funny. Hanie is looking totally amazed from her face. Therefore he reaction is literally a piece of fun for her.

For enlightened readers:

Hania Amir is a well establish actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She has a massive fan following. Meanwhile a place in the top league in a very limited time. She is an actress and model and is working both in films and dramas garnering praises and love from everyone. Hania Aamir has venture in dramas too. She done some projects in just an year of her career. She did two dramas and in both of them she had very different roles. 

Hania Aamir came in the industry exclusively through the power of social media. Therefore she had no known contacts in the industry. Neither one of them had attempted too many roles to various creation houses. She use to transfer her dubsmash recordings via web-base social media. From that point, Imran Kazmi who is the maker of Jannan saw her potential and reach her. Firstly Hania did not consider the offer important and thought it was a little job.

Meanwhile she is a Pakistani on-screen actress. Who is known for her jobs in Pakistani Films and Urdu Television. However she made her film make a big appearance with Janaan. For which she was name for Best Supporting Actress at Lux Style Awards. Although she is such a great actress. Cute one who wins the heart of every person.

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