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Consistency is the key

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LAHORE: In a recent interview with the Roznama Express, singer Fariha Pervez spoke about remaining relevant in the music industry in changing times and trends. “If you love the work that you are doing, reaching your destination becomes much easier,” said Pervez.

Pervez, who has sung some of the most popular songs such as ‘Patang Baaz Sajna’ and ‘Thora Thora Pyar’ revealed that the secret behind her success has been the fact that she has continued to work hard to reach where she is today in the world of music.

Although she started her career as an actor, it was through her singing talent that she became a household name. She further added, “Singing is something that is not meant for everyone as the art of music is one of the most difficult professions to carry on.”

Recalling the success of one of her first songs, ‘Patang Baaz Sajna’, Pervez said that she never thought that her song would be so well received by the listeners. “Just one hit song can take any musician or singer to the heights of fame and success and as an artist I try to remain consistent with my work,” said the singer.

She further added that the reason why her songs tend to do well is because she tries to keep her main audience in mind, which is the youth. As a result of which her songs tend to do well among the masses.

Last year Fariha Pervez also appeared on the seventh season of the popular music show, Coke Studio.

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