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Countrywide Protests For Motorway incident.


Countrywide protest for Motorway incident.

The incident happen at the motorway has shake all the world. First comes the case of Marwah a beautiful young kid. Who is just 6 years old she was rape. In Karachi and after that she was burnt and thrown. It was such heart breaking incident. Many of the celebrities and people ask for the justice. And say that the rapist should be hanged publicly.

But when the no action was taken. There comes another incident in which the lady who’s petrol was finish. And her car was stopped. At motorway she called police and ask for help to even from her relatives and brother. But no one comes to help her. The rapist took the chance and broke the windows of car opened the lock. And took the woman at gunpoint towards the field along with her children. And rape then murder. In front of her children.

What kind of Islamic country we are living. In which our women, children. even transgender are not safe. We can see a growing number of rape and harassment cases in Pakistan. The recent motorway incident has sparked a new debate and there is an outrage on social media. People are angry, frustrated, and scared for their safety.

Different hashtags are trending on Twitter so that the voice of masses reach to the concerned authorities. But they are sleeping and we are at our own.

Motorway Protest:

Yesterday thousands of people countrywide gather from different corner of Pakistan. They all protest together for their safety. They demand safety and security for women. And also removal of the CCPO from his post due to his insensitive remarks and blaming the survivor.

The main demands of protestors were. Firstly immediate removal of CCPO Lahore. Secondly introduce gender-sensitive curricula. Thirdly increase government’s spending on women’s education. Fourthly safety and health, women and feminists must be given space for independent political action and many more.

The protest was attend by Pakistani celebrities as well. Who equally raise their voice to get justice. Meesha Shafi, Saba Hamid, Hajra Yamin, Frieha Altaf, Sanam Saeed, Zara Noor Abbas attend the protest.

Sanam Instagram Post:

Zara Noor Abbas:

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