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Criticism Minal Khan Recieved after Jalan.


Minal Khan project “Jalan” is currently airing on Ary Digital which is a venture of Big Bang Entertainment.

Minal Khan’s acting in Jalan is highly appreciated by both critics and audience. People are hating the story line of the drama. In which a girl is hitting on her very own brother-in-law.

People are devastated what kind of concept they are promoting in society.

Minal Khan in her recent interview talked about the backlash. She is receiving after playing Nisha in the serial.

Minal said: “If I say i weren’t expecting the backlash I’d be lying. I expected it because you guys know about story. And also know about our society. I knew it will affect my Personal life. People bash you personally. The things I have heard, I used to say that its ok. It means if have portrayed that character so well that people are compelled to believe that I am like that in person as well”.

Minal Further said: “I have a sister too and they are not like Misha and Nisha, they are Aiman and Minal. So people think that whether me and Aiman are like that as well. We are not like that Me and Aiman are same. I have a brother-in-law and you can imagine what kind of comments I’d be receiving. People say that I’d do same with Muneeb and Aiman. He is my brother-in-law and I am not Nisha I am Minal”.

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