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Custody fight between Veena and her Ex-husband.


Asad Khattak who is the ex-husband of Veena Malik. A recent shocking and surprising news appears. It is really the shocking turn of event. Custody fight between Veena and her ex-husband take place. Meanwhile Asad took social media platform twitter to raise his voice against the injustice of her ex-wife.

However Veena and Asad get married in 2013. They have two children one daughter and a son. And they get divorced in 2017.

Meanwhile he accuse Veena Malik of the abduction of her two children. Asad Khattak has said in his tweets that Veena Malik is holding the custody of his children illegally. Therefore he share all the detail on twitter. He also reveal the real name of her wife which is Zahida Malik.

Here are the tweets:

He also record a video message. While recording the message he broke into tears. Therefore he demand for his children and justice. Also he also said that he has served defamation notice of 50 crores to Veena Malik.

Here are the video statements:

On the other hand Veena also took twitter to share the pictures. Therefore she shared the pictures of the custody of her children which is the court orders. However she also share the pictures of her divorce deed.

For enlightened readers:

Veena Malik who is famous with the name of controversary queen. Who never fail to involve in any controversary. Therefore apart from these she is a great actress. However in the entertainment, industry Veena is known as an actress, model and host. She has always been part of spicy news.

Apart from the world of showbiz, Veena is also known as a Philanthropist. She served as the WHO ‘World Health Organization’ representative for two years. Therefore she has also taken responsibility for the sponsorship of a child at SOS village. However in 2011 the debate between Veena and Mufti became the subject of news. Whereas Mufti claim against Veena that she had been involve in immoral activities in ‘Big Boss’. Therefore Veena deny this claim and said that Pakistani media has double standards for women. 

Have you check out the whole post. Did you watch the video message. Therefore his ex-husband is looking really emotional. It seems like he as a father really need his children. Whereas when we look to Veena Malik as a mother she is also standing at a right position. However who is right and who is wrong we cannot judge. Till the orders of the court meet. Only in that case it will be judged.

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