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Daawat E Ishq’s Unique Promotions That Caught Everyone’s Eye

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Aditya Roy Kapur & Parineeti Chopra announced the big marketing idea for their upcoming film Daawat E Ishq at a press conference. The duo left for a food yatra for their film Daawat e Ishq. The film had surprised a lot of people when they pushed the release of their film to 19th September. For the first time ever two actors were set out on the road trying various and special dishes across India. They travelled by road right from Bombay up till Chandigarh and visited popular and authentic eateries in this stretch.

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The release date of this YRF production was pushed only to accommodate this food yatra which will be executed on a huge scale. Both Aditya Roy Kapur & Parineeti Chopra is big foodies and they were super excited about identifying delicious and appetizing dishes across India. The makers have spent over 2 months to plot this trip and zero down on extra ordinary eating places.

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Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra kicked off the Food Yatra from Madras Cafe in Matunga. Their next stop was at Talasari. They were enjoying a scenic ride and on the way they came across a stream. Parineeti found it so beautiful that she stopped all the cars. She ran down to the stream and dragged Aditya with her. The rest of the team too got out and went to the stream. It was very scenic and the weather too was lovely.

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Parineeti started clicking pictures and Aditya too joined in. Little do people know that Aditya is into photography? He clicked a few pictures of his lovely co star. Parineeti was heard telling others on the trip that one of the pictures taken by Aditya is one of the best ways she has ever been captured. It is a really pretty picture with a scenic background. At Talasari Aditya and Parineeti stopped to eat lunch at Parsi da Dhaba. Aditya is really fond of Parsi food and he was eager to take Parineeti there.

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They had a hearty meal of mutton dhansak, patra ni machchi, achari chicken, kheema half fry and a lot more. Aditya loved the food. Even his mother loves Parsi food and so he packed some and had it sent home to her. Opposite the Parsi da Dhaba there was a girls school. When Aditya and Parineeti finished lunch and were leaving they saw the girls from the school waiting to meet them. Aditya and Parineeti made an impromptu visit to the school. They interacted with the girls who were really happy to meet the actors. Aditya and Parineeti too had a great time with them.

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Day 2 of the Daawat E Ishq team started from Ahmedabad and ended it with a very beautiful musical night at Jaipur. When you are an actor and touring across the country to taste the various cuisines of India fitness comes in the way. But both the actors Parineeti and Aditya have figured a way out. The actors started their day two with an hour and a half workout at the hotel gym in Ahmedabad. Even though they had arrived pretty late in the city they made it a point to wake up early and burn the calories which they enjoyed consuming while on their way from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

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The troop was supposed to head to Vishalla restaurant which is known for its Gujarati food for lunch. And the excitement was playing in the minds of the actors. So much so that they even skipped breakfast so that they could head to the place early and keep adequate space in their tummy to devour the food there. Once they reached the restaurant the actors were awe struck by the culture there. They were greeted with a traditional Indian welcome with a kumkum ceremony and flower garlands. They went through a desi style of sanitization and when they sat for lunch they couldn’t have asked for more. After eating a big Gujarati meal Parineeti started looking around the place when she found an old swing hanging on a tree. Like an excited kid the actress grabbed the opportunity and ran to sit on the swing. Parineeti was overjoyed and she could not stop laughing as it was after a very long time that she had sat on a swing. The day ended at Jaipur with a very special musical night which was organized for the evening where Javed Ali and Sunidhi Chauhan joined Aditya and Parineeti. All the four had a candid singing performance on the instruments. Aditya also showed his talent of playing the guitar. The actors thoroughly enjoyed the musical night. They relished the royal Rajasthani food at Hotel Amber Vilas where they even served food to the guests and fans.

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Day 3 of the Daawat E Ishq team started from Jaipur and ended with a very beautiful qawali evening at Agra. Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra kick started day 3 of the food yatra with breakfast at Mishthan Bhandar with a meal of authentic Rajasthani food. After breakfast they hit the road heading towards Fatehpur Sikri. On the way Parineeti had the real taste of a road trip. She had to visit the loo and visited a public toilet. Moreover she had to wait in a long line for her turn! Aditya and Parineeti then visited Fatehpur Sikri. They took blessings at the holy shrine of the Sufi saint Salim Chishti. There were a lot of fans who greeted the actors. They had a lovely experience there. Once again they hit the road and this time Parineeti stopped the team for an entirely different reason. She saw a field and stopped to take pictures there. It reminded her of the fields in Yash Chopra’s films. She paid an ode to Yash Raj Films with lovely pictures of her in the lush field. Lastly Aditya and Parineeti enjoyed a Qawali evening. In the back drop of the beautiful Taj Mahal there was a Qawali evening by music composer duo Sajid Wajid who flew down with their entire team especially for the event. It was truly surreal.

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Day 4 of the food yatra began at Agra and ended in Delhi. Aditya and Parineeti began the day at the hotel gym with a strenuous workout followed by breakfast. After that they headed towards Delhi. On the way they passed Panchhi where you get famous Pethas of Agra. Aditya was keen to try it out and so they halted there. While Aditya gorged on the deliciously sweet pethas Parineeti too tried it. When they reached the Yamuna expressway Aditya felt like driving because it was a fabulous road. So Aditya took to the wheel and he asked Parineeti to join him. Once they reached Delhi Aditya and Parineeti were to visit colleges in the North Campus. They wanted to try out the food in college canteens. First they went to Miranda college. Being a girls college there were thousands of girls present to catch a glimpse of Aditya and on seeing him they all went crazy. They were constantly yelling his name. It was sheer madness with the number of girls gathered there. The girls also sang ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for Aditya from his film Aashiqui 2. Aditya and Parineeti were to visit four colleges in Delhi. But there was a huge crowd gathered in Delhi University and it was getting difficult for the police to handle the students. Therefore they decided to cancel the other college visits and only went to Ramjas college after that. They ended their day with a delicious authentic Punjabi meal at Rajendar da Dhaba.

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The last day of the food yatra started out in Delhi and ended in Chandigarh. The team left Delhi and stopped at Sonipat for breakfast. They had a delicious start to the day at ‘Murthal’ which is known as the Dhaba capital of India. People from all over come there to eat authentic Punjabi food. They then left for Parineeti’s house in Ambala. Parineeti finally went home after two years. They all received a grand dhol baja welcome with a lot of excitement and celebration. While Parineeti was really excited to meet her family Aditya was mobbed in her house since there was no security inside. Parineeti’s aunts and cousins were thrilled to meet Aditya and they were constantly around him. Aditya interacted with Parineeti’s family at length and he also clicked a lot of pictures with them. Finally they got to eat home food after constantly eating out for so many days. They were glad to eat the delicious home cooked food and they relished every bit of the meal. After a hearty meal they left for Chandigarh. They had dinner at Pal Dhaba which is very famous for its authentic North India cuisine. Aditya and Parineeti thoroughly enjoyed their last meal of the food yatra. The Daawat e Ishq food yatra ended with a bang with a huge party in Chandigarh.

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