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Deepika On Ranbeer Vs Ranveer

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Deepika Padukone is one woman who never shies away from being honest with the media. Well, compared to her contemporaries at least! Recently she hit the headlines when she admitted to the media that she was battling depression and anxiety.

And immediately after being praised for it, she received a lot of flak for Homi Adjania’s My Choice video. Now, in her recent interview with Filmfare magazine, the young actress seems to have revealed a lot of interesting stuff.

But she made sure that she restricts the comparison strictly to their work style. This what she had to say,”Ranbir is an actor who internalizes. We do read a lot together but I never see the process before he gives the shot. He’s sitting quietly in one corner, we are chatting, then we give the shot and it’s done. I don’t know what he does in the time between when we are not together i.e between our reading session and the shot.”


“With Ranveer, I observe the process. He needs his music. He’s got the most amazing playlist in the world. He has it for every kind of mood he wants to get into. If he wants to get into an angry mood, then some angry songs will play. For a romantic mood, soft songs will play. And he subjects everyone to that music because he’s getting into that mood. Right from his van to the set, the music follows him everywhere. And he carries that energy. If he wants to feel sad then he goes into his solitary zone.” “So they are different in their approach to work. Ranbir keeps to himself while Ranveer is expressive and is all heart.”

Why did it make noise? This is what I’ve never understood. Something which is positive is questioned. If I wish someone on their birthday, it’s questioned. If I genuinely believe that I didn’t deserve a particular award and I said that someone else deserved it that is also questioned. If I give someone a hug and a kiss, that is also questioned. What is happening to us as people? Let’s take a minute and think about it. Why does everything have to be negative? If I feel stupid about standing on a stage and taking an award which I didn’t deserve, I will speak out before anyone does. I’m happy that I’ve met someone after a long time and I’m happy her film has done well, so I kiss her. People shouldn’t question everything.”

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