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There is a difference between depression and sadness: Deepika Padukone


Bollywood star Deepika Padukone says about her depression that people should understand that there is a difference between depression and sadness.

In a series of messages on social media, the actress spoke openly about depression and mental health.

Explaining the difference between sadness and depression on social media, Deepika wrote that the feeling of depression and the feeling of sadness are two contradictory things.

He described depression as a mental illness like any other disease of the body.

It may be recalled that Pakistani and Indian artists have been expressing their views on depression since the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh last Sunday.

Regarding mental health, Deepika Padukone said in her messages that depression is a disease like other diseases like diabetes and cancer.

In a recent social media message, Deepika wrote that depression is treatable, preventable and curable.

Depressed Deepika has started an organization to help people with mental health problems.

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