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Delayed release of the film ‘Kahay Dil Jadhar’


Delayed release of actors Junaid Khan and Manasha Pasha’s new upcoming film ‘Kahay Dil Jadhar’ has been delayed.

Junaid Khan confirmed this and said that the release of the movie ‘Kahee Dil Jadhar’ was scheduled for the month of March but now the film will be released after March.

Last month, a teaser of the movie ‘Kahay Dil Jadhar’, featuring the main characters of actors Junaid Khan and Manasha Pasha was released.

Other cast of the film For Instance: Roma Michael, Sajid Hassan and Atiqa Odho, among other artists, who will be seen in Atidah Oddo’s Anti-Narcotics Officer Crader.

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The story of the film is written by Kamran Bari, directed by Jalal Rumi under the banner of Vijadan Productions.

In the film, Junaid Khan will be seen in the role of a police officer.

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