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Ex-boyfriend murdered by actress


New Delhi: An Indian actress Devi S killed her ex-boyfriend with multiple hammer blows.

According to a foreign news agency report. The 42-year-old Tamil actress of India, S Devi. She was beaten to death by a hammer on her ex-boyfriend. At his sister’s house in Indian city of Chennai till he was killed.

Police say the heartbreaking incident of the murder took place on December 30, 2019. After which the actress voluntarily surrendered herself to the police.

According to police, the police have also arrested the actress’s husband B Shankar and her sister S Lakshmi and Lakshmi’s husband.

According to police, 38-year-old M Ravi had an affair with the actress. But the actress later detained her. But the victim, Ravi, was determined to establish a relationship with the actress despite the detachment.

Actress S Devi, fed up with Ravi’s stubbornness. Invited Ravi to her sister’s house as planned and crushed her head with several hammer blows.

The Indian news agency said that the actress had developed relationships with the deceased during her married life. Which the actress’s husband and family had also come to know, but she agreed to terminate her relationship with Ravi. I did.

According to police, the actress along with her husband, sister and sister-in-law called Ravi at home under the scheme. Other people joined him in killing Ravi.

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