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Dhandli” in Lux Style Awards? This guy thinks so


The Lux Style Awards took place this past weekend and as always, invited complaints about how the awards winners in each category were selected.

The Lux Style Awards is an annually held award show which celebrates the work of artists present in Pakistan. Just like any other awards show, nominees are selected and winners chosen according to a particular process.

This year, the awards show once again came under attack for giving awards to well connected artists, who only show up at the event if they are guaranteed an award.

A recent video uploaded by singer Mubashir Naeem Butt on his Facebook page has taken a similar line and criticized the awards show on its choice for the ‘Best Emerging Talent in Music’ award, which was given to a promising Pakistani female DJ and singer, Slowspin. In the video, Butt contends that his band ‘SomeWhatSuper’ should have won the award instead of Slowspin.

Basing his argument on how SomeWhatSuper has more “hustle” compared to Slowspin, Butt suggested that SWS deserved the award based on their track “Bandook” which had achieved mainstream status. He went on to claim that the awards were rigged and that he believed the only reason Slowspin won was because of her links in Unilever.

The video uploaded by Mubashir went viral pretty fast and generated opinions from some of the major names in the Pakistani music industry such as Xulfi of Call and Rachel Viccaji.

Responding to Butt, Viccaji said: “If you are upset with the way things are done in a certain sphere, as most of us are, don’t blindly throw someone under the bus who doesn’t conform to your ideas of what constitutes a real and deserving artist. I think you owe an apology.”

Both Slowspin and SomeWhatSuper have yet to say anything about the reactions to the video, which you can watch below.

Dhandli” in Lux Style Awards? This guy thinks so by pakshowbiz

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