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Diana Penty steals the show in Happy Bhag Jayegi trailer


The Javed Sheikh, Momal Sheikh starrer Happy Bhag Jayegi is all set to send people into a laugh riot.

The recently released trailer of the film is hilarious, to say the least. Cocktailactor Diana Penty disappeared from screens for a brief period, but now she’s back and she easily slips into the comical roll like a hand in a glove.

She’s a runaway bride and she curses like a sailor.


The trailer reveals that Happy, played by Diana, runs away on the night of her wedding by accidentally hiding in a crate on a truck. By the time the crate is delivered to its final destination, she jumps out in excitement only to find out that she has made it all the way to Pakistan.

Happy-with-her-runners-tied-and-wedding-clothes-on - Screengrab
Happy with her runners tied and wedding clothes on – Screengrab

What the trailer reveals: there’s a lot of running and a lot of kidnappings involved. You can watch it here.

Though Momal Sheikh’s appearance in the trailer is brief, her wardrobe is impeccable and she makes up for Javed Sheikh’s absence.

Momal Sheikh with Abhay Deol – Screengrab

The Pakistani actor plays the role of Abhay Deol’s wife in the film and does a great job of being the overbearing wife.

Momal Sheikh
Momal Sheikh

Here’s another shot of the trio – Momal sure looks lovely:

Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol

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