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Disha Patani Loves Adventure So Much, She’d Go to Mars if Given a Chance


Disha Patani is known for her love of adventure and her fitness quotient usually remains high above the average expected from a Bollywood actress.

Her Instagram is proof that she works out pretty regularly, as well as her travel photos add to the fact that she’s going any lengths for an adventure.

In her recent movie, Malang, Patani plays a character on screen who takes part in extreme sports like cliff diving.

But how extreme is Patani willing to go?

Hosting a session of “#AskDisha” on Twitter, she took to answering fan’s questions they wanted to ask her.

While not humanly possible yet, space science may soon put humans on the moon. When they do, maybe Patani will be in line for it. ISRO, are you listening?

Patani has an intense fitness regime to help her maintain her figure. Disha works out twice a day, She focuses on cardio in the morning, which includes dancing, kick boxing or gymnastics. Meanwhile, in the evening, she lifts weights.

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