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Do blondes have more fun? Ask Kim Kardashian

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No stranger to changing up her look often, Kim Kardashian debuted her most dramatic transformation yet when she stepped out with blonde locks at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday.

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Kim put the fate of her hair in the trusty hands of celebrity colourist, Lorri Goddard, who said: “It was the perfect time for her to go on a color adventure!”

The reality star obviously posted a selfie on her Instagram, thanking her glam squad for the shocking change:

Fans were torn. Much like a lot of her fashion escapades, people either loved it or hated it!

Stylist Shazdeh Ali Akhtar at Tariq Amin says: “Personally I like Kim Kardashian’s look.”

However, she debunks the myth that short, striking hair is low-maintenance, stating, “We have to remember that she travels with make-up artists and hair stylists in tow, so whatever she does, these people will make her look good. Blonde hair requires totally different, heavy make up. I once dyed my hair very light, and I realised that it suddenly looked like I had dark circles under my eyes. Pakistani women tend to have orange undertones in their skin, and so would have to use much more concealer to cover imperfections. Your flaws would be amplified if you went blonde.”

“If you decide to take the plunge and go blonde, you’d have to change not just your hair and beauty regime but you’d also have to dress the part: you couldn’t wear plaid shirts and jeans anymore – you’d have to rock some cutting-edge fur,” she adds.

Could a Pakistani woman get away with the same hair colour?

Probably not. Shazdeh shares: “For Pakistani women, we need to remember that our hair has different undertones. To achieve Kim’s level of blonde-ness, we’d have to lift the hair eight shades, whereas a light-haired Caucasian person would have to lighten about three shades. This amount of lightening damages the hair — it rips it apart. Also, we have to take into account the fact that Kim’s look works because its always well-styled. But in Pakistan, with our humid climate — it would be a nightmare.”

Despite everything, the stylist insists light hair is still an immensely popular choice: “Pakistani women do seem to like light hair. A lot of my clients ask me to take them lighter and lighter. In fact, I recently went to a wedding where most of the women present had blonde hair, so there you go!”

Not everyone seems to agree.

People over the internet were having a field day making funny memes, also comparing her to Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movie franchise. Funnily enough, Tom Felton (who plays Drace Malfoy in the movies) seems to agree!

Let’s be honest: the peroxide blonde hair isn’t doing her any favours. Much like most Pakistani women, the reality star has a wheatish tan complexion (she’s Armenian) and dark eyes, which don’t always complement lighter hued hair colours.

We think it’s not working for her but exactly why? She’s Kim Kardashian — the woman pulls off wearing latex and mesh, for crying out loud. Why isn’t she rocking this new do?

Coming to the rescue to solve the mystery is hair colourist/stylist Hina Y, who reveals, “It’s the eyebrows.”

Interestingly, Kim skipped out on dying her eyebrows or even lightening them, which was slightly odd.

Add to that the fact that her sharp features get washed out with the almost ash white shade and that her hair looks considerably dry now, she was better off staying a brunette.

Celebrity stylist Raana Khan shares the same sentiment: “Complexion counts a lot when choosing a hair colour. For my clients who want to go light, I mostly suggest them to keep the roots brown and the streaks or low lights should start an inch away from the roots. Instead of using a blonde, they can go with a very light brown shade, which will highlight the complexion.”

Another day, another striking fashion statement by the Keeping Up with The Kardashians diva.

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