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Dr.Shaista Lodhi Shocking Revelations About Mehndi.


There are many cases of skin burns due to this harmful chemical. Dr.Shaista Lodhi being a skin specialist. She reveals that how much harm chemical mehndi or Henna causes to our skin.

Chemical Mehndi or Heena is one of the best selling market product. It promises to give result with in five minutes. Public are busy buying this product. But actually they don’t know how much harm they are doing to their skin. They are having it blindly without knowing it’s effects.

According to her She says that public who consumed it with fine interest. They actually don’t know about the real theory behind. She further say when it is consumed the harmful chemicals absorb into the skin and causes serious skin burn problems. Therefore she further added that when it is firstly consumed it is fine and can be recoverable. But if second or third time there is no such treatment for the burned skin. The scars of that burn remains on your hands forever.

Interview of Dr.Shaista Lodhi:

For enlightened readers:

Shaista is a versatile Pakistani television Host, actress, and Dermatologist. Who is running her clinic in Karachi. She is a part of the Showbiz industry as a television host for a long time. And indeed included in the list of one of the most admired television presenters. Shaista has been attached to various morning shows on different channels. Moreover, she tried her luck in acting in 2016 that didn’t turn out well. She has likewise interviewed a few Bollywood actors in the past.

Therefore she has a degree in MBBS that she obtained from Karachi. She did her schooling from Pakistan Navy School. Apart from Showbiz’s world, she is running her clinic with the name ‘The Aesthetics Clinic.’

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