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Drama “An Kahi” will now be present in theaters.


Karachi: Leading Pakistani playwright Hasina Moin’s Shehra Afaq drama “In Kahi” will be staged at Karachi Arts Council from October 20.

President Arts Council Mohammad Ahmad Shah while addressing a press conference on the occasion of 2020. Theater said that with the permission of the government. Cultural and educational activities have started in the Arts Council with SOP. After the festival, all the programs will be as usual. While the play written by the country’s famous writer Hasina Moin will start on October 20. At the Arts Council. Hasina Moin, Sajid Hassan, Amna Ilyas Dawar Mahmood and Saqib Sameer were also present on the occasion.

Muhammad Ahmad Shah

President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that due to the outbreak of Corona virus. Innumerable theaters were postpone. Now the epidemic has brought under control in our country. And the government has also given permission to restore life. After which Arts The council has started cultural activities. There are also a number of festivals that will announce later.

Playwright Hasina Moin said the purpose of bringing this story back is to send a message to the new generation. In this age we need love, you cannot move forward until the hatred in the hearts is eradicate. This story is written before. And is rewritten today to promote the same message.

Hasina Moin

Play director Dawar Mehmood said the “unspoken” old story, which start on October 20, is not unspoken. But it presents the old message in a new way. More than 150 artists will work in it, including artists, dancers and others, while the team will be led by the best artist Amna Elias.

Dawar Mehmood

Actor Sajid Hassan said that Hasina Moin is a legend of this country whose pen used to stop traffic. She writes after doing a lot of research. People can see the story of Hasina Moin.

Sajid Hasan

This drama is the life story of Hasina Moin. Saqib Sameer said that this play is different from the previous ones and it is suitable for today’s situation. Actress Amna Ilyas said that this is my first stage show, I am a part of various scenes in the drama.

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