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Dress reflect personality, Madiha Shah

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Prominent actress of Pakistan film industry, Madia Shah said less talking peoples are very different with others. Someone dress reflect his personality. Character development is very important for success of a project. Personally, Madia Shah says, like serious characters, I have done a variety of characters in career. Madiha Shah support for free and fair media.

Madiha Shah began her career as a model, and one of her friends introduced her to television. Shah’s first play, was the Punjabi-language Hari Bhari Chhaon, which was broadcast on Lahore Television.In 1989, Shah performed in Rashid Dar’s television play Sauraj Ke Sath Saath, in which she played the role of a physically disabled girl. After that she appeared in a number of serials and plays. Her first role was in Altaf Hussain’s film Nagina where she played opposite Shaan Shahid.

Madiha Shah appeared in numerous films afterward, and by the 1990s, she was also pursuing a career in theatre dramas, such as Janam Janam Ki Meli Chadar.Madiha Shah also worked in stage shows as a dancer. In 2009 Madiha Shah performed a minor role in Syed Noor’s film Majajan.

In 2015, Shah was pursuing interests in fashion design, and held a fashion exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan in July of that year.

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