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Dua Malik also Left Showbiz

Pakistani singer and host Dua Malik also followed his brother Feroz Khan and asked to leave the show.

It should be noted that Feroz Khan had announced to quit the showbiz a few days ago. Making it his purpose to live according to Islamic teachings.

In an interview in this regard, Dua was asked questions about leaving his brother’s showbiz in the country.

Responding to these questions. Dua Malik said that a similar tweet will be seen soon by me and then by Humaima Malik.

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Along with this, he shared a video of himself attending the shrine of Baba Bulay Shah on Instagram.

In this video, he mentioned how many places he has visited in the world but he came here to find the most comfort and when he arrived, he could not describe the condition.

He also said that we have established a strong relationship with Islamic teachings.

Remember that Feroz Khan tweeted, “My fans are waiting for a statement from me, but I declare that I have left the showbiz industry and will now live according to Islamic teachings and so on. I will offer my services for you.

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