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Dua Malik shares his calligraphy


Pakistan singer Dua Malik wrote the Quran phrase ‘kun fayakun’ in his painting and shared the picture on social media.

Last month, Dua Malik, who is referring to leaving the Pakistan showbiz industry. She shared a photo of herself on the Instagram.

In the photo shared by Dua. She has a painting in his hand written on it. “Kun Fayakun” and this calligraphy prayer is made by the hands of the country.

She wrote, ‘Who says that and the universe is created.’

Dua asked social media users, ‘What about our little problems?’

Remember that Dua said in a recent interview that she wants to dedicate her future life to the path of Islam. She hopes that Brother Feroz Khan and his sister Hamama Malik will do so soon after their announcement. Will announce.

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