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Dua Zehra Shares Why She Decided To Run Away


Dua Zehra court appearances have been under heavy Security. Media, people from civil society. The internet as a whole have been keeping eye on all the court hearings since day one.

Dua Zehra

People wanted to know why Dua Zehra run away from the house and hw could she manage the huge distance from Karachi to Lahore on a taxi.

Dua Zehra

Dua has cleared the air in her first live interview sitting alongside her husband Zaheer Ahmed. She revealed that the reason behind her running away was her parents’ attitude.

She likewise shared that she took a cart outside her home and went to a taxi stand in Karachi. She took a taxi to Lahore from that point and went without illuminating Zaheer as she didn’t have a telephone on her. She arrived at Punjab University and took help from an understudy to settle on a decision to Zaheer. He came and paid 22000 rupees in admission. The couple got Nikkahfied that very day.

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