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Durefishan Saleem has revealed that she stole a prayer mat from a hotel


The leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Durefishan Saleem has revealed that she stole a prayer mat from a hotel.

The leading Pakistani drama actress Durefishan Saleem along with actor Meekal Zulfiqar participated in Nida Yasir’s show “Shaan Sehwar”. A short video clip of the actress participating in the show is going viral on social media. In which she is seen confessing to stealing the place of prayer.


During the interview, Durefishan Saleem said that he had once stolen a place of prayer from a very famous hotel. Hearing this from Darfshan, Nida Yasir and Mikal Zulfiqar were shocked and started laughing.

Durefishan Saleem (2)

Explaining the reason for stealing the place of prayer. Durefishan Saleem said that the place of prayer in the hotel room was very soft and good. On this occasion, Mikal Zulfiqar said, “Aren’t you ashamed of stealing prayers?” Durefishan said, “I thought maybe Allah Mian will not take it into account. Because you have to offer prayers on it.”


Mikal Zulfiqar in reply to the words of actress Durefishan said that like people stealing slippers, they would not be found guilty outside the mosque.

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