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Durefishan Saleem Reveals Her Family’s Secret DIY Skincare Routine


Durefishan Saleem, a rising actress in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, has revealed the secret of her beautiful skin.


On the video uploading site YouTube, actress Durefishan Saleem is sharing a skincare routine with fans in a video, in which the components of the mask applied on the face, including flour, almonds, orange peel powder and yogurt.

Durefishan Saleem

The actress made a paste by mixing all the things and applied it with the help of hands, she also makes a toner for skin color for the skin, which includes rice water and dried rose leaves.


Earlier, new pictures of actress Darfshan Saleem in black dress went viral, while she is very active on social media, the number of followers on her Instagram is more than 9 lakh 14 thousand.

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