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Earthquake Alert Smartphone


The leading mobile phone maker has announced that a soon-to-be-reported earthquake alert smartphone will be introduced.

According to the details. The mobile phone company spokesman Shiao Zhiouch said that. The company is now engaged in the manufacture of a mobile phone. It will include weather-related features. ۔

Vivo’s upcoming earthquake alert smartphone will be aware of earthquakes as well as identify locations. Where earthquakes are likely to occur.

Vivo Company spokesman says that. This feature is currently in the trial phase. Vivo company spokesman said that. This feature is currently in the trial phase and therefore more details regarding this phone will be released later.

According to a company spokeswoman, the new feature will also inform consumers about every bridge report of the affected area.

The feature will also tell its users. How many minutes or seconds the earthquake is to arrive before the earthquake. On the other hand, this feature will also provide emergency shelter information.

Why it matters: The Beijing-based company is one of the first handset vendors to provide the potentially life-saving service.

  • The current earthquake early warning system in China. Depends on public loudspeakers installed on the streets of cities within China’s seismic zones. According to Wang Tun, director of the Institute of Care-life. A Chengdu-based non-governmental organization that provides the earthquake early warning system to Xiaomi.
  • The local government of China’s Sichuan province. A quake-prone province in the southwest. It has approved TV and smartphone vendors to provide quake warning services on their devices. But users have to install related apps themselves. Wang told TechNode on Tuesday.

Earthquakes are small-probability events and people are not willing to install alert apps on their phones when they don’t happen… It is significant that Vivo pre-installs the earthquake early warning system on televisions and smartphones.

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