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The celebrated singer has reached the magic of her voice again five decades after her death


Five decades after his death, Um-e-Kalsum, Egyptian Singer, once again came to wield his voice with the help of hologram technology.

The show, presented at the Opera House in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, featured the hologram of leading singer Um Kalsum. Their hologram, wrapped in a golden hood, wowed people with magic of a glamorous sound.

Mum Kalsum was also one of Egypt’s most well-known singers, and he influenced many Western singers, including Bob Dylan. The songs of Umm Kolsom are still heard in Egyptian markets and coffee shops.

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However, Thousands of people attended his hologram concert. One person who came to see the concert said that I had heard from my grandmother about Umm Kulsoom’s fondness that when she performed live performances, people’s hearts stopped beating.

“I thought I wish I could attend one of their concerts,” he said. Today, with this innovative technology, my desire has been somewhat fulfilled.

Various views are also being expressed on Egyptian social media for presenting the leading singer in this way.

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