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Ejaz Aslam Trapped During the suicide scene.


Karachi: Actor Ijaz Aslam was trapped during the suicide scene in the drama serial ‘What People Will Say.

Ijaz Aslam share a suicide scene from the recently aired drama serial. ‘Log Kiya Kahengy’ in which he wrote that in this drama Haseeb’s journey has come to an end. But here I want to say one thing. That I suffered terribly while committing suicide.

He said that during the suicide scene. He was wearing a safety belt under the rope. Which was broken during the incident, due to which the rope was badly stuck in his neck. Haseeb journey came to an end when the rope was broken when he is having it in the neck.

Ejaz Aslam said that the last few seconds were very dangerous for me. Because during that time my feet started to feel numb. I stopped breathing and even started to feel dizzy. The snare was so tight that it was difficult to swallow food for a few months.

The actor said that in those moments. I had a real sense of suicide. Now I am wondering. What kind of ordeal the family will go through to see their loved one go through these painful moments?

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