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Ek Jhooti Love Story Copy Of Bollywood Movie?

Ek Jhooti love story trailer is out

As we know that the Ek Jhooti love story is the upcoming project. After the success of web series Churails. Now another series in which Bilal Abbas and Madiha Imam paired up is coming soon. It is available on online steaming platform Zee5.

Till now you have watch the teasers and videos. And you came to know that the story of Ek Jhooti love story revolves around a boy and a girl. Who falls in love with each other by making fake IDs to connect with each other. It is all about shaadi culture, social media personas, love, and our obsession with money and status. It’s a light-heart comedy with important social messages.

The teaser has released and trollers are calling it the copy of another Indian movie “Mujse Frandship Krogi”. This movie also revolves around the story of two incompatible students who fall in love with each other. Through fake IDS to fulfil their romantic fantasies online.

In a recent interview, Bilal Abbas Khan who is playing the role of Sohail cleared everything and said, Oh, I have watched that movie and this is not a copy of that movie. Just because two people are making fake ID in the movie that doesn’t mean you will call it a copy. The film’s name is ‘Mujhse Fraaandhsip Karogi’ and the content is entirely different.”

“It was a whole film specifically about two people making fake IDs. Talking about this, we have address the social issue and other characters have their story. It’s not about Sohail and Salma talking to each other through fake IDs. Rather its a family drama and story of two families. So it’s very different and when you will watch it you will know,” he added.

Here is the complete interview, check out:

Have you watch out the full entertainment and fun interview.

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