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Elegantly decorated room of little Baby girl by Juggun.


Actress and host Juggun Kazim is expecting her third child. And she has shared her complete pregnancy journey in a video. After having two boys, now she is all excited to welcome her third child which is a baby girl. She runs her YouTube channel. And in her recent Vlog, she took us on a tour to her little angel’s room. Which she has decorated elegantly.

Juggun shared, “As this is my first baby girl I decorated the room elegantly for her with a lot of effort, excitement & love. I kept the theme pink, grey and white while redoing and reusing a few old items. Some were gifts while others I already had but all had one thing in common i.e a lot of emotional attachment and loads of love. I hope you all like it!”

While talking about the decoration she said,I have chosen light colours. And went for three pink walls and a forest-themed wallpaper on one wall. I have kept two lamps for mellow lightning in the room.”

Juggun Kazim has kept everything simple yet elegant. She emphasize on how we can do decor by using old stuff and renewing old decor stuff.

Watch her baby’s room in this video:

For enlightened readers:

Juggun Kazim who is also known as Juggan Kazim is a Pakistani-American television and film actress. She is likewise a model and a prominent Host. Which is the actual reason for her popularity. Juggan is a niece of Lawyer Raza Kazmi who was also the politician in the past.

Juggan Kazim who was born as Syeda Mehrbano Kazim is a notable and senior Pakistani television and film actress. Apart from being a striking actress she is also a host and has hosted various shows till now. Therefore she is a Pakistani-American actress who is seen performing on various Pakistani and American plays. And received immense approval and admiration. She hosted her first-ever show at the age of 16 only. Juggan is likewise the brand Ambassador of a cosmetic brand company Garnier Fructis Pakistan. 

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